The Need

When infants are­­ born prematurely, they lack the body fat necessary to regulate their own temperature. So room temperature can feel freezing cold.

In the developed world, these babies are typically placed in an incubator until they’re able to make it on their own. But parents and health care workers caring for hypothermic infants in developing countries are left with few options.

Existing solutions are inaccessible, ineffective, and even dangerous:

Embrace Warmer Incubator


Very expensive, needs constant electricity, requires specialized training & ongoing maintenance

Embrace Warmer Radiant Warmer

Radiant Warmers

Expensive, needs constant electricity, requires specialized training & ongoing maintenance

Embrace Warmer Thermocol Box

Thermocol Boxes

Ineffective at maintaining consistent body temperature

Embrace Warmer Hot Coals

Hot Coals

Ineffective, can severely burn infants and caregivers

Embrace Warmer Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles

Ineffective, can scald or overheat infant

Embrace Warmer Light Bulb

Light Bulbs

Ineffective, needs constant electricity, bulbs easily shatter and injure infants

Introducing the Embrace Warmer

Embrace Warmer Product Shot



Less than 1% of the cost of a standard incubator


Phase-change material can be heated up to 50,000 heat cycles


Can be used while the baby is held in the mother’s arms or during transport


Easily cleaned using soap and water


Simple and intuitive to use, validated through routine safety testing and extensive clinical trials


Incorporates an innovative phase change material to rapidly stabilize the temperature of an infant suffering from hypothermia


Embrace Warmer How It Works

We’re humbled that the Embrace Warmer has received numerous awards and international recognition.

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But technology alone isn’t enough to save lives.

That’s why we develop partnerships with clinics, governments, and non-profits.

That’s why we integrate the warmer with education and hands-on training.

Embrace provides much more than just technology— because we’re committed to making a measurable, sustainable impact on hypothermia.

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Did you know:
One Embrace warmer can help save the lives of dozens of babies? We need your help to distribute the Embrace warmer and provide the training and education required to save the lives of infants around the world.

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