New Help for Newborns

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Newborn babies are fighters. They come into the world with an attitude, kicking and screaming. They put all their strength into that first gasp for air as they trade months of warmth and darkness for the shock of bright lights and cool temperatures.

Parents swaddle, feed, and guard these new lives anxiously. But some newborns need more help in the fight: they need technology and expertise in their corner. Babies born prematurely, those with respiratory distress, jaundice, or hypothermia, require treatment with medical devices and care from well trained staff. And in many places around the globe, these relatively simple interventions ­­for these highly treatable conditions­­are simply not available.

The nonprofits Thrive Networks and Embrace are joining forces to improve the odds for these newborns. Separately, each organization has for years been providing medical equipment and newborn care training in low­-resource settings, to help ensure vulnerable newborns get the treatment they deserve. We focus on evidence­-based results and we’re proud of our impact. But together, we can do much, much more.

Embrace is now part of the Thrive Networks family of innovators. Thrive Networks’ newborn health program, Breath of Life, will adopt the Embrace brand. Our programs can strengthen each other in many ways: greater geographic reach; complementary medical devices; enhanced technical and implementation expertise; solid relationships and partnerships in the field and with supporters.

We are committed to this fight for newborn survival and health. Join us as we take our efforts to the next level!

Alejandra Villalobos
Executive Director, Embrace

John Anner
CEO, Thrive Networks

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