Our Approach

Embrace has designed a comprehensive program model to leverage the Embrace Warmer as a catalyst for broader impact on maternal and child health outcomes in developing countries.

Embrace Warmer Access


Embrace sets up partnerships with clinics, governments, NGOs, and community-based organizations. We hire local staff to conduct thorough needs assessments and donate infant warmers to under-resourced communities with high volumes of low birth weight and premature infants.

Embrace Warmer Training

Education & Training

Embrace provides culturally and linguistically appropriate training at each of our program sites. We train health care staff on how to recognize, treat, and prevent hypothermia. We provide hands-on education to mothers and caregivers on how to care for their low birth weight infants, including Kangaroo Mother Care.

Embrace Warmer Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

Embrace hires field representatives and external consultants to collect, aggregate, and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data from each of our program sites. We constantly refine both the product and our program model based on our lessons learned in the field.

Our Programs

Embrace Warmer Training Nurses


Embrace works closely with doctors, nurses, and midwives at each of our program sites. We build capacity of health care workers, clinics, and hospitals by providing ongoing training and support to staff. We do not merely train on how to use the Embrace warmer—we provide comprehensive training on recognition, treatment, and prevention of neonatal hypothermia.

Embrace Warmer Mother Education


Embrace provides side-by-side education to mothers, family members and caregivers of low birth weight and premature infants. We teach mothers about hypothermia and its devastating effects, help them assist in care of their low birth weight infants while in clinic, and give them the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure healthy development at home after discharge.

Embrace Warmer Kangaroo Mother Care KMC

Kangaroo Mother Care

Embrace actively promotes Kangaroo Mother Care (skin-to-skin contact) as a primary intervention for hypothermic infants. KMC is an effective way to provide warmth, promote breastfeeding, protect from infection, and improve mother/child bonding. The Embrace Warmer is designed to be used in conjunction with KMC, and we provide hands-on KMC training to mothers, caregivers, and staff in all of our program sites.
Kangaroo Care Handbook

Embrace Warmer Partners


Embrace develops partnerships with clinics, hospitals, governments, and NGOs serving low birth weight and premature infants. We donate Embrace warmers to these partner sites and also provide ongoing training, education, monitoring and evaluation. We look for partners with deep roots in, and in-depth understanding of, communities with high volumes of hypothermic infants. If you are interested in partnering with Embrace, please email programs@embraceglobal.org or contact us.

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